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14 Karat

10 GP

Made of gold, garnet stone and Swarovski stones.Benefits of Garnet Stone (Benefits of LaL Stone)

■ Gives understanding and cunning.

■ It is known that it protects against physical weakness and cruelty.

■ Increases sexual energy and sensitivity. It is known to provide protection against sexual imbalance.

■ Strengthens, cleans and revitalizes the body. Lal, a very useful stone especially for blood vessels, stimulates the imagination and symbolizes love and compassion.

■ It is protective and healing against lung and heart diseases.

■ Helps treat infectious diseases.

■ Hormonal balance.

■ Effective in relieving low back pain. It is more accurate for sensitive people to use the stone under the waist. Because it can cause nervousness, headaches or dizziness in such people.

■ Helps maintain your balance when you feel excitement and space. Gives a feeling of tranquility. This allows you to move slowly and slowly over the tasks you need to do and feel that your capacity increases.

■ Provides protection from the nightmare when placed under a bed or cushion.