About us

Consider an example of entrepreneurship,

Accredited by many international and local Associations, State Universities and Academy Platforms,

Providing international training and certificates,

Implementing online training and certificate programs,

Offering you the doors of Professionalism simultaneously with education and earnings,

Providing unlimited earnings,

Representing our country in the international arena,

Contributing to the national economy,

Insures up to $ 10,000 in earnings plan for each member,

Sending the products you receive in an insured manner up to your address,

Thinking of nature by planting saplings in your name,

Providing extra discounts to its members from the opportunities offered by solution partners,

It has practical use with the Android and iOS app, and much more ...

 Founded in the Kingdom of Belgium in 2018, Valent Touch Global is a Network Marketing company operating with its head offices in Brussels, ─░stanbul and London. Valent Touch Global improves the life quality of people with its luxury products while aiming to have a precious impact on the lifes of all individuals who would like a financial independence with its unique business plan, regardless of language, religion, race or sex.

Our company markets to the world the jewels it manufactures in Kuyumcukent complex, the largest center of gold and jewel processing in the world, and the luxury cosmetic products it formulates in the laboratories in Switzerland, by Valent Touch Global group of companies in Belgium, England and Turkey.