VTG in short

Our vision:
Every person whose heart is full of love deserves a good life. But conditions are not equal for everyone. We think that everyone with a loving heart deserves a good life, and we aim to be the company that brings the most to everyone with a loving heart all over the world, starting with this philosophy.
We are aware that the most expensive item in many jobs, the biggest and most valuable resource an organization has, and the only thing that a mother and father has emphasized and worked on for years is "Human", on which a manager spends over three-quarters of his workforce, and we provide all our clients with this vision. We aim to add value.

Our Mission:
We offer the most valuable and most accepted products for our business partners to live the life they desire, and we offer the best accessible earning plan.
We support their dreams by knowing them as our own dreams and providing them with the necessary education, experience and guidance.
We work with all our strength by observing national, moral and ethical values ​​for a 100% satisfaction guarantee regarding our company.
Basic principles such as maintaining the awareness of individuals, couples, families and institutions in the society and enabling them to express themselves, facilitating socialization, helping them set the right goals, ensuring that they can be happy and safe, determining a professional behavior style, producing scientific-based, fast and applicable solutions to the change processes they target. We offer the opportunity to integrate into professional business life.

Human-Oriented and Principled Work
By trying to take place in all fields of education that can be given within the framework of scientific discipline in every subject related to human and human, we offer everyone the opportunity to live a more humane life by planning on honesty and team integrity, motivated by principles that are a compass to human behavior or by sincere values. 
* After each product is produced in the factory, its price increases by 80% after large distributors, regional distributors, wholesalers and markets. By eliminating these intermediaries, we ensure that the products are delivered directly from the factory to the consumers, and we distribute the dividends to be given to the intermediary companies, and we ensure that you earn money with # YeniNesilEntrepreneurship.
* Valent Touch Global, with New Generation Entrepreneurship, enables you to get quality cheap by delivering stylish products to you without using a vehicle, and at the same time, it opens a new door of profit for you by distributing the money transferred to intermediary companies.
* Our product range consists of luxury cosmetic product groups with 22,18,14 and 8 carat gold, diamond and 24 carat pure gold. Our products, which you can reach wholesalers and stores without paying extra fees, are delivered to you with postpaid and insurance.
* By choosing one of our hundreds of product varieties, you can get quality cheap and open a new door of profit for yourself.
By purchasing a one-off product from us;
-Buying products for the wage you invested, you start with zero capital,Despite the zero capital, you get unlimited incomes.-You can get personal contact and grow your business faster by taking the trainings accredited by many platforms and universities online through the Kazandıran Academy.-With Valent Touch Global and Kazandıran Akademi applications, you can access easy on your phone and tablet.-It is a simple task, you can do it easily.-You are constantly supported by your leaders, and you ensure the progress of your organization.You will have an international business.-You determine your working hours yourself.-You become the boss of your own business.