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14 Karat

20 GP


■ Suitable for discharging the body's electricity.

■ Useful for cleaning the liver.

■ Eliminates feelings of anger and anger.

■ Obsidian is a naturally occurring state of the glass.

■ Obsidian helps you if you are afraid to look inside. It strengthens the negative thoughts and emotions within you and enables you to notice them. It helps you get rid of the memories you don't want to remember. So your positive emotions are activated.

■ Obsidian allows you to recognize the light within you.

■ Protects against nightmares and emotional collapse



■ It is used for the treatment of many skin diseases, especially psoriasis.

■ Strengthens the heart and spleen.

■ Strengthens one's spiritual understanding.

■ Helps maintain purity and balance.

■ Helps strengthen respectability within the family and among friends.


Earth-Blue Tiger Eye:

■ Blue tiger eye stone, also known as hawkeye, roducite and tiger eye.

■ Blue tiger eye stone is a very relaxing stone that can reduce your stress, relieve your worries and increase your calm and relaxation.

■ Relieves fatigue and helps to alleviate the symptoms of depression.


Venus-14K Rose Gold


Jupiter-Tiger Eye:

■ Benefits for asthma patients.

■ It has beneficial effects on digestive system disorders, spleen, and pancreas.

■ Increases courage and reminds you of your purpose when you think your life is devoid of purpose.

■ It is a gift that is in demand among lovers because it is a stone appealing to emotions. You can use it as a ring or necklace, or carry it in your pocket.

■ It is emotionally stabilizing and reduces stubbornness. It enables one to perceive events more clearly.

■ Tiger eye, a stone of strength and courage; increases your endurance and gives you the desire to progress despite obstacles.

■ If you plan to make changes in your life, the stone you need is the tiger eye stone.

■ Useful for children with nightmares.

■ The tiger's eye is believed to protect against the evil eye and was used for this purpose in the past.

■ Makes people who are carrying them less dependent on others.


Saturn-Yellow Quartz:

■ It is a stone that protects from negative energies and increases feelings of love.

■ Helps people to have a loving environment around them.

■ Reduces fear and anger and gives calmness.

■ Useful for blood circulation.


Uranus- Amazonite:

■ Provides continuity and understanding between body and soul worlds.

■ The amazonite stone, which helps one to add meaning to his life and to value his life, makes it easier to accept changes.

■ Soothes fear in extra-body experiences.


Sun - 14K Yellow Gold


World- Blue Apatite:

■ The blue apatite stone, known as the Manifest Stone, is motivating in nature and encourages independent thought and action to the user's life.

■ Improves our communication skills by providing mental clarity and opening the throat chakra, making it ideal for speakers at meetings and seminars.

■ The blue apatite stone is particularly useful for those who will speak to large groups and for people and investment managers who need to share their ideas with investors.

■ Helps us access, understand and remember our subconscious mind, and helps us identify and correct karmic patterns that are blocking us.

■ For artists, writers and musicians, the blue apatite stone can increase creativity and awaken creative energies.



■ The Opal Stone is known as the stone of love, hope, compassion, independence, and freedom. These positive feelings give the person self-confidence and calm the person.

■ Makes it easy to express yourself. Reduces the feeling of shyness. Gives courage.

■ Purifies from negative energy, makes it more positive.

■ Helps mind and emotions to be balanced and harmonious.

■ It has positive effects on eyes health. A clear resemblance to the ruby ​​stone.

■ Used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

■ Relieves the pain in the joints and relieves inflammation.

■ It protects kidney health and benefits kidney diseases.

■ It is also beneficial for blood diseases.

■ The use of stone allows dreams to emerge, foresight develops and imagination develop.

■ Away from bad dreams.

■ Maintains and strengthens memory.

■ Shortens the adaptation time to the process when existing conditions change.


Neptune-Blue Agate:

■ Blue agate is effective against the evil eye.

■ Useful for people with speech difficulties.

■ Strengthens the feelings of serenity and self-confidence needed in social settings.

■ Helps focus and talk.

■ Soothes nervous disorders and relieves excitement in public speeches.



■ You will need a labradorite stone in your life.

■ This stone is a transformation stone.

■ Allows you to be the person you are meant to be.

■ Cleans your aura and works with your chakras to eliminate bad habits, thoughts, and feelings that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

■ Will can also strengthen your power and spiritual focus.

■ The energies of the Labradorite stone can give you a sense of purpose and will help you develop new ideas about what to do or achieve joy and enthusiasm.