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Caviar is a pure energy source containing 47 vitamins and minerals, and its effects in skin care are unlimited. Revitalizes tired skin, an outstanding ally for mature skin.

This unique serum, a true elixir of youth, has created a miracle in anti-aging skin care by combining sea caviar, which has 20 times more energy than the energy in skin cells, and 24-carat pure gold.


Our caviar serum literally destroys the weariness of time by attacking all factors of aging such as wrinkles, blemishes, sagging skin and dull complexion.


To make the combination of caviar and 24-carat pure gold even more effective, Ôrixir has developed a unique formula by adding all the most powerful natural ingredients against signs of aging. Snail secretion extract, trehalose, hyaluronic acid, Centella Asiatica, licorice root, peony flower extract, gentian extract, rosemary extract, castor oil and chamomile.


Ôrixir Luxury Caviar Serum, a true youth concentrate with a fine blend of gold and caviar associated with hyaluronic acid, snail secretion extract, trehalose and Centella Asiatica, acts on the surface layers of the skin and deep into the epidermis. You will feel the hydration in your skin from the first application. Then, with the effect of nourishing, tightening, lifting and restoring the elasticity of the skin, collagen synthesis and cellular renewal increase, and its effect on the skin occurs in a very short time.

Finally, powerful antioxidants fight free radicals and flavonoids associated with glycyrrhizic acid remove blemishes. You will have a renewed, radiant and vibrant skin.

The skin undergoes metamorphosis in terms of both its appearance and structure. Within a few weeks, the lifting effect and the visibly disappearance of the saggy skin are noticed. The skin becomes smoother, fine lines disappear, wrinkles are reduced. Hyperpigmentation disappears and adds radiance to the skin.

Apply Serum Caviar de Luxe with your fingertips on skin previously cleansed with Ôrixir Nettoyant Visage à base d'oxygène. Massage face and neck in circular motions until completely absorbed.

A perfect make-up foundation, Caviar de Luxe Serum leaves a very pleasant and light scent on your skin.

We strongly recommend that you drink at least 2,5lt of water every day in order for the active ingredients to work at peak performance, and if you smoke, reduce or quit.

24 carat gold

Sturgeon caviar extract

Hyaluronic acid

Snail secretion extract

Centella asiatica


licorice root extract

Peony flower extract

Indian Oil


Rosemary extract

Centaury extract

Plastic pressure bottle. Net:50ml

For external use only.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.

In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

Do not apply to irritated skin.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Keep out of reach of children

Store in a cool and dry place.