280,89 $ (263,63 €)

272,47 $ (255,72 €)

266,85 $ (250,45 €)


14 Karat

10 GP

Applies to 2 bracelets.

You can choose the two colours you want, you can send us by mail 


Benefits of Onyx Stone

The onyx stone has many physical and psychological benefits. .

* Self-confidence, happiness, depression is an effective stone on .stres reduction.

* It is an effective stone in the evil eye, protects against negative energies

* Calming, relaxing feature. It is believed to bring luck and courage.

* Provides balance in people with focusing problems

* Equilibrium in the relationship between men and women.

* Reduces anxiety disorder and makes us positive about geleck. Gives the energy one needs

* Reduces the possibility of making mistakes by protecting the person from intense emotions.